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Biography:  As a kid, pre-teen, teen, and adult, I’ve had many spiritual and metaphysical events happen in my life.  Through outside influences and conditioning I didn’t pay much attention to them; most of the time.  When I was 16, I started having a recurring dream through the age of 17.  I quit having the dream when I finally took action to change my life.  I knew the dream meant I was going to end up dead or in jail.  I quit high school my senior year and took the GED.  After getting my GED I went to the Army to enlist.  Once again divine guidance occurred.  The Army recruiter told me to go back to school so I joined the Air Force two weeks later at the age of 17. 

     The next big change in my life came as I grew up in the Air Force.  I married and raised a family while in the Air Force.  That stage in my life has truly been a blessing! 

     The next remarkable change occurred in August 2004 when I met a beautiful soul (balance partner in this lifetime) who was the spark that reminded me of my purpose in this lifetime.  That experience awakened my suppressed spirituality and has led me to this path.  In March 2005 I enrolled in WakePoint School of Energy Healing as I was surfing the internet for spiritual/metaphysical information and endeavors.  When I came across the site it resonated with me and has truly been an awakening for me.  The WakePoint School has been another divine direction in my life.  There are many things I learned from the school.  The 3 most important things that I’m still learning are:  (1) We create our own realities and need to take responsibility for our creations  (2) All life is comprised of God’s loving universal energy.  It creates and flows through us all  (3) The more I practice energy work the more I experience joy, love, purpose, myself and God.

      Through other areas of study and experiencing I’ve learned that thoughts are energy and can manifest into this dimensional reality through the vibrational attraction that resonates within the thought.  What you think you create.  If you dwell on negative thoughts you create/attract negativity into your life.  If you think positive thoughts you will attract prosperity .  Prosperity comes in many forms such as, spirit, wisdom, love, health, material gain , etc. 

     There are many names for God:  Law of One, Yahweh, Great Spirit, Universe, Source, Universal Source, Allah, and on and on. 


Words of Wisdom:     

In the darkness is the light, if you but look for it.     

Mitakuye Oyasin   (All my relations/We are all related)

Namaste  (The devine within me greets and acknowledges the devine within you)