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Dolores A. Baker, Ph.D.Dolores is a certified Karuna Reiki Master™, Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and Dahn Healer with additional training in the use of Reiki with animals and crystals. This enables her to use a variety of energy healing techniques to assist clients in connecting with their soul’s purpose as well overcoming physical, emotional or spiritual issues.

Healing the Earth One Soul at a TimeFrom a young age, Dolores has been searching for her life’s purpose, feeling she was here on Earth to help others.  For some time, she has felt the earth and all life forms are one unified life force.  Dolores believes by healing individuals we can restore the balance of Mother Earth, known in ancient oriental texts as “Mago”, and achieve a more harmonious world. She feels that if individuals experience Mago’s love they will realize harming others is the same as harming themselves.  This belief led her to found “Mago Healing Arts” in 2009 to create a spiritual healing center in Cheyenne, Wyoming offering crystals, books, art and energy healing in a peaceful and joyous environment.  The overall mission of the center is “Healing the Earth One Soul at a Time”.

Chun Bu Kyung EarthDolores has had several careers. She began her working life as a Certified Public Accountant for many years but found she needed a more creative outlet so began studying art and interior design. She also became a Certified Hypnotherapist, and eventually obtained both a Master’s degree and a Ph. D. in Counseling Psychology, working as a therapist for several years while also creating art.  Dolores today uses her energy healing techniques as well as continuing to create bright acrylic art which embodies her philosophy and expresses the Mago energy.

Brushcreek Ranch, Cheyenne, WYDolores now lives in the Rocky Mountains between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. She and her husband, Steve, enjoy time with their llamas and dogs as well as the wildlife in the area around them. These animals are a great source of inspiration for her life’s work.

Please call Mago Healing Arts at (307) 778-7995 to make an appointment with Dolores.  She charges $70 for an energy healing session which usually take about an hour.  Dolores also does Tarot Card readings which take about 20 minutes and cost $20.