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Mike focuses on the following:

Clearing, charging & balancing chakras

Clearing negative energies & disruptions in the seven aura bodies on the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical levels

For more information on scheduling a session with Mike click here.

What is energy:  Energy is the life sustaining force composed of vibrational frequencies.  The lower (slower) the vibration the denser the vibration becomes until it slows down enough to manifest in the material.   The higher the vibration the harder it is to be aware of that energy.  

Human bodies are created & structured in many layers of higher & lower vibrational frequencies.  These layers are called energy bodies (auras).  The human body regulates energy through the energy bodies, chakras & meridians.  Chakras help to metabolize the energies received and to distribute them throughout the energy bodies and physical body.  Each chakra regulates certain organs and functions within the energetic & physical body.  

Illness is created when there are disruptions/distortions to the natural energy processes within the energetic bodies.  When disruption/distortion of the energy process goes on with out being corrected it will manifest itself in the physical body as a mental, emotional and/or physical illness/disorder.  Negative & self destructive behavior patterns are also a sign of distorted energy.  Trauma to the physical body such as a car accident can disrupt and damage the energy bodies also.

Who is Mike Watts?

For a biography of this talented healer, click here.  You should also read his "A Warrior's Evolution".

Words of Wisdom:     

In the darkness is the light, if you but look for it.

Mitakuye Oyasin   (All my relations/We are all related)

Namaste  (The devine within me greets and acknowledges the devine within you)