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Hands of Healing - Hands of Change

For Mind, Body and Spirit

Do you have a problem relaxing and letting go?

Are you tired of muscle aches and pains?

Do you have difficulty sleeping?

Is your energy level at an all time low?

Do you wonder if the noise in your head will ever let up?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the demands on your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you may want to consider the services of a qualified, fully trained, and licensed massage therapist and Reiki Practitioner.

The therapist at DJ’s Rejuvenation Massage and Reiki has been trained and certified in the art of Therapeutic Massage, along with many other healing and energy modalities.

Specializing in:   
Swedish Massage   
Deep Tissue Massage      
Trigger Point Therapy       
Myofascial Release 
Neuromuscular Treatment  
Pre-Natal Massage        
Infant Massage
Reiki Energy Work   
Crystal Energy Grids        
Chakra Balancing             

Come and let your journey begin today!

DJ's Rejuvenation

Deborah J. Adams, MT

(307) 221-3323

Call today to schedule your journey!